Bonzai Engine is a cross platform 3d engine (OpenGL/OpenGL Es) for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms and is compatible with most web browsers for 3D web content.

The engine support most of the standard and proprietary 3D model formats (3DS, COLLADA, DAE, FBX, MS3D, BVH, LWO, KMZ, OBJ, ASE, AC3D, MD2, MD3, MD5, MDL7, X3D, JMF, JMA). The engine has an advanced scene graph (component-based system, scriptable game objects), Bullet physics integration (collision, dynamics), integrated tools, and more !

Bonzai Engine comes with a set of tools such a Model Viewer, an Editor and Gallery3D a web 3D model viewer.

Bonzai Engine is used in Bonzai STL Browser software.

Please visit the gallery section to see some screenshots, live demos and online tools. The support section will guide and help you to use the engine with the tutorials, documentation, faq and forum. Go to the download section to get a build of our engine and tools.