Asset Repository

Asset Repository is a developer tool which allow to manipulate assets; including model, textures and animation/motions.

This tool can be usefull for example as a builder to automaticcaly convert and optimize your models for use with the engine.


  • Commit a new asset
  • Update an existing asset
  • Remove an existing asset
  • Automatic build, with optimization (model and texture)
  • Export a builded asset
  • Other operations: listing, move, ...
  • All operations are asynchronous
  • Repository info stored in xml files

Asset Repository tool is located in the package bonzaiengine.assetrepo from the jar bonzaiengine-editor.jar, it is integrated in the Editor.

Documentation of the tool is in progress and can be requested if needed.

Theme Packer

Theme packer is a tool to optimize UI/Widget theme. All textures of a theme are packed in a single texture, and the xml description of the theme is automatically updated to use the newly packed texture !

The tool is located in the package bonzaiengine.tool.themepacker from the jar bonzaiengine-tool.jar.

Command Line tools