Non-Commercial License

The library term refers to Bonzai Engine.

If your product is not intended for commercial gain and does not include the library for resale, license or other commercial distribution, then use of the library is free under the following terms, conditions and limitation:

  • No license fees for non-commercial applications
  • The library cannot be used for:
    • resale or other commercial distribution,
    • products which do not make profit but are still commercially released,
    • for generating data sold or used in a commercial context.
  • Must display the Bonzai Engine logo and text upon product startup, and credit line in product documentation, readme or about dialog when applicable. Possible credit line could be:

    Bonzai Engine,, Copyright © 2007-2017 Jérôme Jouvie

    Powered by Bonzai Engine,

    Using by Bonzai Engine,

  • When releasing the product on Google Play store, you shall notify

Commercial and Other Licenses

If you're interested in commercial license (in binary or source code form) or in consulting/development services, please get in touch with